I've never been very good at sitting still.

I moved from Scotland to England when I was seven, which meant LOTS of long car journeys. There were no backseat DVD players when I was a kid, so after exhausting every type of Fashion Wheel pattern I could, (remember them?) my Granny taught me to knit, so I started doing that instead. And I haven't stopped.

There are no machines involved in the making of Sootie Limetree toys. I'd love to say that was because I was taking a very important moral stance about manufactured goods for kids nowadays, but it's more down to the fact that I'm not very good at using them, and they make knits go what my Granny called 'all oosie' (I think that means wavy).

So thanks for popping over, and if you want to know anything else you can find me still knitting with a slightly erratic look on my face, (although now not so much in the back of cars) and on Twitter @sootie_limetree

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